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In the News...

A Scary Day at Witty Kitties

Gino.jpgA three month old kitten named Gino had a close call Friday, Feb. 15, 2008, when an electrical fire broke out in the mobile veterinary clinic where he was staying. 

The mobile clinic, a van owned by Jenni Doll, DVM, was parked in an outbuilding that also houses Witty Kitties.  Jenni’s husband, Torben Platt, was working in the shelter when he discovered thick, black smoke pouring out of the van windows.  Torben was able to get to Gino in time, and moved the scared little kitten to the safety of the shelter.

The Jefferson-Monroe Volunteer Fire Department responded to the call.  There was significant fire and smoke damage to the interior of the van and it is expected to be a total loss. 

The best news, however, is that none of the animals inside the shelter were injured.  The shelter itself also escaped any damage.  Amazingly, Gino is now romping around the shelter with no ill effects.  He did, however, smell like smoke for a few days!

“I am just so happy that Torben remembered there was a kitten in the van!” Jenni said.  “The most important thing is that Gino was rescued in time.”

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Jenni Doll, DVM, Interviewed on "The Story" with Dick Gordon
Jenni Doll, Witty Kitties founder, was interviewed by Dick Gordon as part of his series on Tough Jobs on American Public Media's radio program, The Story, on May 19, 2007.  Jenni described her professional journey from private vet to shelter vet in this 20 minute interview.  The Story is produced at North Carolina Public Radio and appears on WSUI, 910 am, weekdays at 7 pm.

Listen to Jenni's Interview

Dangerous Wild Animal Regulation
Governor Culver has signed legislation making it illegal to privately own or breed dangerous wild animals in the state of Iowa.  The bill takes effect on July 1, 2007.
CR Gazette story

The Iowa legislature passed a bill regulating the private ownership of dangerous wild animals on April 18.  If Governor Culver signs the bill, it will take effect on July 1, 2007.

HSUS story

Four Witty Kitty Board members traveled to Des Moines on April 2, 2007, to support a bill that would regulate the ownership of dangerous wild animals.  Torben Platt and Chris Schoon appeared on KCRG news on April 4.

KCRG story and video

Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Area
A new, first-in-the-nation Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Area in Southeast Iowa was dedicated on May 1, 2007.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources held a meeting on March 27, 2007 to discuss first-in-the-nation amphibian and reptile conservation area in Southeast Iowa.

DNR news release
Past Activities...
Summer 2010 Wine Tasting Fundraiser
Our annual fundraiser this year was at Witty Kitties on August 28.  Visitors were able to tour the shelter and the reptile garage, and meet all of our wonderful witty kitties and reptiles.  The event was sponsored by The Secret Cellar, and Lauren Cannon and her staff poured a variety of spirits for tasting.  Volunteers donated snacks and we also had some interesting items for a silent auction.  Live entertainment was donated by Eben Louis & The Hot Sauce.  It was a fabulous evening, and we were so happy to be able to show off the shelter to our supporters!

Fall 2008 Wine Tasting Fundraiser
Wow -- it's hard to believe a year has gone by, but our 2nd annual wine tasting fall fundraiser was hosted by The Secret Cellar in Shueyville on October 4.  It was a perfect fall evening, and Rocky, Oscar, and Charlie Kangaroo got lots of petting from many of the attendees.  We weren't able to have any reptiles this year, due to the cool weather, but that didn't dampen anyone's spirits.  Tim Dermott and Kathleen Schoon rocked the crowd as the sun set and the candles and lights twinkled in the background.

Fall 2007 Work Day
We did some sprucing up at the shelter in late October.  It was one of those wonderful fall days, and lots of people showed up to help, including some Coe College students.  We put up gutters on the shelter, laid vinyl in one of the kitty rooms, and cleaned up some stainless steel cages (which we'll use to store linens, not cats!!).  The Coe kids worked cleaning both the snake and iguana rooms.  Great work, everyone, and many, many thanks!!

Fall 2007 Wine Tasting Fundraiser
Our fall fundraiser -- a wine tasting party hosted by the Secret Cellar, in Shueyville -- was a really hot event (both literally and figuratively)!!  The warm weather was perfect for our reptile contingent, who definitely drew a crowd.  Tim Dermott, of Cedar Rapids, and Kathleen Schoon, of Solon, performed cat and wine themed tunes.  We also had some witty kitties in attendance, but they mostly napped in their havens.  We're already planning next year's event!!

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