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Lucky     pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif

Lucky got really lucky and went home with dedicated volunteers Amy and Cynthia Holcomb, of North Liberty, on Halloween, 2009. 




Sex:                  Male, neutered

Date of Birth:    August, 2009

Arrived at
Witty Kitties:     September, 2009

Biography:           Lucky came to Witty Kitties from a local barn known to be housing dozens of cats after Mary Blount, a local cat advocate, did a welfare check.  She found Lucky laying in the grass, near death.  Mary picked him up and put him in her pocket and brought him to Jenni.  After some intensive treatment with antibiotics, fluids, and vitamins, he miraculously pulled through.  He is featured in the video on the "About Us" section of our website.  Lucky's web page was created long after he was adopted (he was at Witty Kitties so briefly, we overlooked him at the time!).  But now we have the benefit of seeing what a healthy, handsome boy he turned out to be!  His claim to fame?  Boxes!!  He's never met one that he hasn't loved and tried to climb into, no matter the size.

Special Needs:    None

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