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Baby     pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif

Sponsored by Genvieve Gatto, Cedar Rapids, IA (4/07-4/11)
Baby had been suffering from stomatitis for several years, but we were managing it fairly well with periodic steroid injections.  He had bounced back many times, but not this time -- his mouth was so raw he was refusing the tastiest treats we could find.  The little guy was down to 5-1/2 pounds, and his unwillingness to put up any kind of resistance when Jenni checked him over told her it was time.  We said sad good-byes on 7/8/17.  RIP Baby.


Sex:                  Male, neutered

Date of Birth:    April, 2005

Arrived at
Witty Kitties:    April, 2007

Biography:       Baby is a stray from Cedar Rapids.  His rescuers had him neutered and took care of some other health issues.  Then he was found by be FIV-positive, so he came to Witty Kitties.  He wasn't the happiest of campers when he arrived, and spent a lot of time hiding behind the couch in his room.  Over time, he's adjusted quite nicely, but he's still kind of shy.  He lets us pet him, and we're spending lots of time reassuring him that all is well.  He's such a handsome boy!  Update 05/15:  Baby is very friendly now, and has lost a little weight following a health scare a couple years ago.  But he's thriving again, and would love to meet you!

Special Needs:  FIV

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