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Iceberg    pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif   pawprints5.gif




Sex:                  Male, neutered

Date of Birth:    2008

Arrived at
Witty Kitties:     December, 2018

Biography:         Iceberg was rescued by the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center, and when they found out he was FeLV+ they asked if we have an FIV+ cat to trade, since they now keep and adopt out FIV cats.  We immediately thought of Logan, who originally came to us from ICACAC with a chronic upper respiratory infection that he eventually recovered from.  Logan was adopted within a month of going back to ICACAC!!  Now let's hope Iceberg has just as happy an ending at Witty Kitties.  He came to us with a "lion cut," smartly dressed in a red and green sweater for Christmas!  (His fur needed to be shaved off his torso due to severe matting.)  He's in good health, and is starting to look like a regular cat again.  He loves sitting on the couch with you and letting you stroke his fur.  He can be a little bit mouthy, but in a loving way.  He's a good eater and has had no health issues since he arrived.  Once his fur totally grows back, he's going to be a striking black and white poster boy!
Special Needs:  FeLV
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